Friday, April 21, 2006

On The Job

Boy it must be great having a son "on the job" like my former boss (and the best boss anyone would ever want, Dr. Paul Ringel). What a feeling to tell a law officer, "My son is on the job." Well we pseudo intellectuals are always on the job-looking for great stories to entertain the public-slices of real life, blogging verite. Here's a fascinating story of shopping for doors with my pal Janet Chasin, aka the best technology teacher in the city who no one knows about. She also knows how to regrout her bathroom tiles! Pick up the podcast action at the Brooklyn Lowes, not to be confused with the lame, waste of taxpayer dollars' Columbia Lowes pictured on the last slide

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, David. Yes, it feels good to have two sons working for the city as I do: Jonathan on the job and Peter a lawyer for ACS. Yup, law and order.

And, yes, you are correct about Ms. Chasin. A true renaissance woman!