Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bloomberg Girl 4: David Boren?

David Boren seems to be the driving force behind the Bloomberg for President initiative and some interesting stuff has been written about Boren from digitalbrownshirt: Weird Information on David Boren
I must be the last person in Oklahoma to know about this stuff. I asked a few people at work today and they all said "Oh yeah, everybody knows about that stuff." I'm a transplant from the looney left coast. We've only lived here for 10 years. Apparently, a lot of the page boy stuff happened before I moved here. It certainly would explain why he left the Senate early.

Here's what he is referring to
One must begin with the question of why Boren, with two years remaining on his term, in 1994 stepped down from one of the most powerful seats in the US Senate, in order to take the much less important job of OU President. It is not in the nature of politicians to surrender power voluntarily. His departure followed public accusations by Queer Nation activist Michael Petrelis that Boren was a closet homosexual who sexually abused his male staff members. Petrelis' accusation was reported in the gay publication The Texas Triangle . I undertook an independent investigation of Petrelis' charges. I began by consulting a book called The Price of Achievement , by Tufts University professor W. Scott Thompson, who is openly gay [11] Thompson was a Rhodes Scholar when Boren was at Oxford. In his book, he states without equivocation that Boren is gay. In a personal email to me, he described having witnessed Boren in a homosexual encounter. Thompson had also been a presidential appointee during the Reagan administration.

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