Friday, January 11, 2008

Schmucks Who Don't Need No Badges

I'm talking about the unity 08 bunch, but don't get me wrong beck is certainly a schmuck too. also from the dailykos listserve
Whatever the actual measurable impact of political blogs may be, their movement is clearly grassroots and heartfelt. So, it’s funny to see the traditional media caught in the attempted creation of a campaign phenomenon. In this case, Daily Kos diarist SusanG has fun at the expense of NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell describes speculation over a possible presidential bid by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reaching a “fevered pitch,” to which SusanG asks: A fevered pitch? Seriously? Breaking: Some schmuck hasn't decided whether or not to run in 08. But his indecision is freakin' fevered as all hell. This is all part of the Unity ‘08 nonsense coming out of Oklahoma this week where former officeholders are spending their pensions gathering to get excited about moderation, compromise, tepidity and Bloomberg. I know nothing in politics quite gets my blood flowing like contemplating a party-switching billionaire plutocrat discussing "across-the-aisle" unity with the likes of Christine Todd Whitman, Bob Graham, Bill Brock, Charles Robb, John Danforth , Sam Nunn and Gary Hart. I think Andrea Mitchell’s pitch is so fevered you could consider it hallucinatory

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