Friday, January 25, 2008

The Ending Scene From Reds

from youtube description:
Heartbreaking final scene from Warren Beatty's 1981 tour de force as (co-)writer, director, actor and producer, the Academy Award winning "Reds". Even for those not interested in (socialist) politics, this movie is a lesson in great film making. Innovative, as Beatty was the first to use the "talking heads" of the so called witnesses to tie the scenes together. Engaging, for by weaving the romance between John Reed (Beatty) and Louise Bryant (Diane Keaton) through the political and analytical scenes, Beatty manages to never let the movie become dull or too serious, despite the subject matter. Some of the impressive cast play the roles of their lifetime. Keaton has never been better, Nicholson is brooding, Stapleton deservedly won an Oscar for her role as Emma Goldman. A must see, if only for the beautiful cinematography by Vittorio Storaro and the best acting many of the actors involved.

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