Monday, January 28, 2008

Suzanne Pleshette

I just learned about Suzanne Pleshette passing away. One of my all time favorite beauties. Brooklyn born too and a graduate of PS 9 in Manhattan. Here she is from Episode 5 of Route 66 in 1960. I found this written by a David Meltzer on
Suzanne Pleshette and I grew up together on West End Avenue in Manhattan. We were classmates at PS9 (Public School 9) which was on 82nd Street right across from her apartment building. She was beautiful even as a child and she had the best sense of humor and was truly loved by everyone in her class. Her mother and father were a very handsome couple. Her dad, Eugene Pleshette was president of the Brooklyn Paramont Theatre. As kids we thought her mom looked a lot like Lucille Ball. I remember Suzanne inviting me to her apartment along with a few other of her classmates to arrange a surprize birthday party for her mom. We were about 9 years old then. Years later I visited Suzanne backstage when she was starring in THE MIRACLE WORKER on Broadway. When she opened her dressing room door she greeted me by singing the old PS9 school song. She was a delightful youngser and grew into one of the approachable and lovely ladies of the professional theatre and motion picture world.
Rest in peace, Suzanne, we miss you and will always remember you.

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