Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Objective Burma, The Movie

One of the great WW 2 movies. One of my favorites Errol Flynn, along with the lower east side's George Tobias and James Brown, aka Lt. Ripley 'Rip' Masters of Rin Tin Tin fame. This is towards the end. "Oh by the way, my name ain't Joe."
Objective Burma
Released in 1945, it starred Errol Flynn. It was nominated for 3 Oscars - Best Film Editing, Best Music and Best writing. The film was not shown in Britain because of protest that the Burma Campaign was mostly British and Australian(which was true)and the movie depicts the Americans as the heroes.

This is a pretty good movie. Veterans of Burma say it looks like they went to Burma to film it when it was really filmed in California. It is about a commando raid to blow up a Japanese radar station. They miss their pickup to get out and have to walk for miles through Japanese held territory for rescue. The movie has always given me the feeling of what it must have been like fighting in that hot jungle environment.

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