Saturday, October 20, 2007

Going To Chicago: Blind Dan Smullyan

This is an update and a replacement for a youtube deleted video from February. It's also a part of a new initiative to honor the recently discovered works of Blind Dan Smullyan (aka Hambone Sykes). Though obscure, and until recently, this virtually forgotten Mississippi blues man was incidentally not blind. He was also of Jewish ancestry! No,he didn't live in Knickerbocker Village, but he did live on the Lower East Side
More to come about Dan, who was among those who traveled to Chicago from the South in the 1930's.
You keep your New York joys
I'm going to Illinois
Just as fast as I can
You New York women think you'll made a fool of any man
Play all kinds games and you'll cheat if you can
You felt like a tool maker man a fool
What a beautiful bottle
Got my money, that's it
How can you mind if I split
Going back where a woman knows how to treat a man
And people are friendly without no hidden plan
It's the best in the midwest
It's a real, down city, full of good folks who come from home
And when I get back I'll never roam far from my little shy town
Goodbye, farewell
I might see you later
Goin' to Chicago, sorry but I can't take you,
I come from shy town. Going back to my town
Goin' to Chicago, sorry but I can't take you,
No use in crying. I know you're lying
There ain't nothing in Chicago, that a monkey woman can do.

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