Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And There Used To Be A Ball Park

Gertel's closed In June of this year. It had opened in 1914. Many a day I went to Gertel's with my mother. Guss Pickles was then across the street.
The KV boys were discussing this recently:

"According to your confluence, that would place Saperstein's just up the block
from Gertel's, which the last time I was there had to be the filthiest bakery in
the history of the world.

Filthy schmilthy. Did you ever taste their marble pound cake? If they can make dirt taste that good I'll eat it even if there's a little chocolate mixed in. And how about the bells - like a cup cake with a huge head of maple buttercream coated in chocolate - like a brown bonnet but with buttercream instead of ice cream. I loved it then, I'd probably barf now.

Marty funny you should mention, The Bell, I loved them.
I found a bakery in south Jersey that makes them. come on down."

There Used To Be A Ballpark
(Written by Joe Raposo & recorded by Frank Sinatra)

"Oh, there used to be a ball park where the field was warm and green,
and the people played a crazy game with a joy I've never seen.

How the people watched with wonder, how they laughed and how they cheered
Yes, there used to be a ball park.... right here....

And the people ate rock candy on a great big 4th of July
and the fireworks exploded all across the summer sky.

And the air was filled with wonder from the hot dogs and the beer
Yes, there used to be a ball park... right here....

Now the children try to find it, and they can't believe their eyes
For the old team isn't playing, and the new team hardly tries

And the sky has gotten cloudy when it used to be so clear
and the summer....went so quickly... this year....

Yes, there used to be a ball park... right here..

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