Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The True Moses

While the nyc sportswriters talk up Teixeira for mvp there is no other player who deserves more than the guy above
For about a week now, the citizens of Yankee Beatwriterville have been campaigning hard for Mark Teixeira as AL MVP.  His 146 OPS+ and late-inning heroics have no doubt fueled their erotic passion for the slugger.  And make no mistake, we love Teixeira too and we'd let him pour hot candle wax over our hairy chests.  But, that doesn't mean he should win the MVP.  Because as it stands right now, he shouldn't. 

Let's start with the geeky argument and look at Fangraph's rankings for Wins Above Replacement (WAR):

1. Mauer 5.7
2. Zobrist 5.4
3. Longoria 5.3
4. Jeter 4.7
5. Scutaro 4.6
6. Crawford 4.3
7. Youkilis 4.2
8. Teixeira 4.0 

According to WAR, there have been 7 other players in the AL more valuable than Teixeira, including one on the same team.

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