Sunday, August 31, 2008

Whose Yehoodi?

considering the way he's looking at her tuchis, maybe it's John McCain.
Comments from the film's youtube post
Yes, the film is reversed: Soundies -- early music videos shown in special jukeboxes -- used a complicated set of projection mirrors requiring the film to be backwards so it would show correctly.
"Who's Yehoodi?" was indeed the catch-phrase of Jerry Colonna on Bob Hope's radio show at the time. That because SO popular, this song was written as a result...
It looks like the film has been revesed as I am pretty sure the guitarist in the clip is Les Paul and he plays "right handed"
Also, the side zipper on her dress is showing on the right side, whereas side zippers then (and now) are universally on the left.
This is awesome...and her dress is 1000x hornier and sexier than Paris and Britney getting out of a limo without panties on...
A novelity song inspired by a running gag by Jerry Colonna from Bob Hope's radio shows, Colonna ever in search of a mythical (and invisible) figure named 'Yehudi'. "Yehudi" soon becoming synonymous with anything hidden or invisible, is said to have inspired a 'Project Yehudi' during WWII for the camouflauge of ships and airplanes.

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