Saturday, August 16, 2008

It Came From Beneath The Primary Defeat

Norm links to one of several Hillary bloggers who suggest she's not finished yet
We're not finished folks - not by a long shot!
Bill To Speak at Convention
by: Alegre
Thu Aug 07, 2008 at 22:22:18 PM EDT
Ok I briefly had to give Camp BHO credit for getting out ahead of something I'd planned on teasing them for. In tonight's report on the campaign and convention, Andrea Mitchell ran through today's latest developments re that video SimoFish took at that fundraiser last week - where Hillary told the gathering that she wanted to see her name put into nomination so people could unite behind BHO etc. (BTW - nice to see the MSM are only taking a WEEK to catch up to the rest of us on this story - used to be they ignored this sort of thing altogether!).
No comment on that bit where BHO craps all over the notion of a catharsis for Hillary's delegates at our party's convention. We all know which end of his anatomy he's talking out of when he says stuff like that.
Mitchell closed the report by noting that BHO had yet to offer Bill a chance to speak at our convention. I sent a quick note to a couple friends saying that yeah... the only two-term Democratic President to come along in generations and BHO hadn't yet shown a bit of class and asked him to address the delegates? How messed up is that?

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