Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Educational Equity Project: A Bonanza For School Privatizers

From ednotes online
Why has Randi Weingarten been added to the Education Equality Project amigos when she has endorsed the Bigger, Bolder agenda with her acceptance speech at the AFT convention?
We recently pointed to the "Weingarten contradiction" when she wanted credit for cooperating with the "reforms" pushed down the throats of the NYC school system by Joel Klein.
Remember how she stood on the stage when they got the Broad Prize for pushing EEP ideas?
And she stood next to them when they had a bragfest for getting high scores that everyone in NYC knows are not real.
And signed onto a bonus/merit pay plan for teachers based on high test scores while out of the other side of her mouth she laments how high stakes testing curriculum doesn't address the needs of the whole child.
Those of you outside of NYC unfamiliar with Weingarten's "I want to have my cake and eat it approach" will be seeing a lot more of that in years to come. Try not to choke on it as we have.

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