Monday, January 02, 2006

5835 Osage Avenue, Part 1

So we're off to Philadelphia for the New Year's weekend (aka "taking the dysfunctional family on the road"), and I remembered the unfinished business with my Ferman family roots. The story was a major one in the early days of this blog "Celebrity" Cousin Michael Lemonick had left me on the trail of a great aunt who might fill in some major family history blanks, but a system crash lost the phone number and it was too late to contact him again. Instead I did a census search for an Uncle Isadore Ferman. It found him living in 1930 with his parents and a sister at 5835 Osage Avenue in Philly. I knew it was the right Isadore since his age at the time, 35, matched with his social security death index file. I had met Isadore as a teenager when my mother and I once took a trip to Philly. I knew that he married and had a family relatively late in life. I now discovered for the first time what my great grandparents' names were: Morris and Rebecca. Morris was a presser in a clothing factory. He was 60 years old then and it appeared from the records that he either owned the home valued at $4,000 or rented it for that much a year. I then used Google Maps to locate where 5835 Osage was. The image attached shows that along with a photo I took of it when I got there. But there's more to the story to follow.

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