Saturday, January 14, 2006

Walking Tour: Architectural Scavenger Hunt

So here's my idea. Part of the proposed Harlem/LES collaborative project could be neighborhood walking tours. On those that I have been on with kids there has been the usual talking and explaining, but also an activity. (You need something more interesting than just taking notes). In these instances the additional activity has been drawing. I thought that with some prior knowledge of architectural terms, along with the viewing of images from the proposed walk, there could be a scavenger hunt. The kids could have thumbnail pictures of some buildings and they would have to figure out their addresses as well as define the architectural term highlighted in the picture. Not every sheet would be the same. It could be configured as a smaller group activity and a hint given that the answers could be found in a geographically limited area that could also coincide with an adult fellow traveler. Here's the sheet for a Mount Morris tour in Harlem

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