Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An Infomercial

For those of you that are non-sirrius users who are looking for a replacement for Howard Stern, (BTW, I'm just as immature as the next guy and I listened to Stern years ago, but my god isn't it boring after awhile!) from Time Out Magazine: "Rachel Maddow WLIB (1190 AM), Mon–Fri 7–9am Right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh make fun of Air America's low ratings, as well as the liberal radio network's reliance on "celebrity" hosts like Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo. But Air America's future is found in Rachel Maddow, a fast-talking, openly gay 32-year-old former Rhodes Scholar, who talked her way from a Western Massachusetts AM station to a cohosting slot on Air America's Unfiltered (with Chuck D and Daily Show cocreator Lizz Winstead) on the occasion of the network's launch in 2004. After Unfiltered dissolved early last year, Maddow was given her own hour-long news program at the ungodly time of 5am—but apparently people were listening. As of this month, The Rachel Maddow Show has been promoted to a two-hour slot in the middle of radio's morning prime time. "With Howard off the air, it's going to blow open the way people try to get ratings in the morning," says Maddow. "Everybody's going to be trying something different. We'll have quite a bit of absurdity but the point is to be a news show, with interviews. People want to hear news on the radio and right now the news on the radio blows."

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