Monday, January 02, 2006

5835 Osage Avenue, Part 2

I refused to pay for Internet service at the very nice, but overpriced hotel we were staying at, Sofitel. I relied instead on the concierge for advice on the best way to get to 5835 Osage, which was in the poor West Philadelphia section. While I was talking to him one of the other hotel staff chimed in, "Why are you interested in Osage Avenue?" I told him of the family link and he said that he lived right around there. He also mentioned that the 6200 Osage block was the sight of the Move Fire! For those of you who are unfamiliar or forget that incident here's a pdf package of articles about it as well as articles on West Philly history. Another interesting tidbit I acquired was that Paul Robeson lived his last years less than a mile away from 5835 Osage on 50th and Walnut. The image shown is the census page for the 5800 Osage block, with the Ferman's circled in red. Here's a slide show of pictures I took on our drive through along with others found on the web

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