Sunday, October 16, 2005

The House I Live In: Ancient Egypt

A new challenge: a teacher that actually wants to do an integrated project combining thoughtful skill grouping, various book, print and computer resources, various choices for project completion, presentations, etc. This differs from my usual approach, quick in and out with the reliance on the quicktime movie as an anchor for text, images and multimedia. Nevertheless, there still has to be a central content core that you extrapolate from. Though there can be many suggested internet links, sometimes one or two good sites work as a core. With Egypt and Pyramids, the national geographic site is great, but this kid friendly site from touregypt is pretty good. The site contains an original story which is great as an anchoring piece. What I did here is to insert frames within a word document of the story to allow students to illustrate with
google imaging. It creates an individualized and colorful version for the students and helps reinforce the meanings of new and story/history/unique vocabulary. Here's a sample of finished product as a pdf file.

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