Friday, October 07, 2005

90 Year Old Hero: Moe Fishman

October 7th: Mike Wallace gave a brilliant, but soulless, talk on New York City in the 1930's-the backdrop for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Moe Fishman, the sole veteran in the audience, got up to talk about the importance of the fight against Franco and Fascism. Little stories about teenagers collecting scraps of metal to send to Spain to help the Republican side. 90 years old and the guy was electric. Here's a slide show with some of the panels from the exhibit at the King Juan Carlos Center at NYU.Music:Hymn of the Fifth Regiment.Con el Quinto, Quinto, Quinto, con el Quinto Regimiento madre yo me voy al frente, para las lĂ­neas de fuego. Anda jaleo, jaleo, saca la ametralladora y ya empieza el tiroteo, y ya empieza el tiroteo. With the Fifth, Fifth, Fifth, with the Fifth Regiment,mother, I go to the front to the lines of fire, Walking to the riot, to the riot, bring out the machine gun and the shooting starts and the shooting starts

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