Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Baseball House I Live In: Washington Heights

From 10/23/05 NYTimes:"It is morning in Washington Heights, and the baseball field beckons.
Robelis Fontañez, an 18-year-old catcher, prepares for the day in the kitchen of his family's apartment on West 174th Street, boiling plantains for mangu, a dish that could be called the Dominican-American's Wheaties. His mother, Claribelkis, has already left for her job as a home care attendant. Before Robelis finishes cooking, his best friend, Santiago Molina, a right-handed pitcher with a wicked 92-mile-an-hour fastball, has arrived at the apartment. He is wearing red shorts and a long-sleeved red shirt, his warm-weather practice uniform, and carrying his spikes and his glove." Here is the rest of the article.the article has an audio slide with images, here is a part of it. Previously there was series' article about Santiago Molinas and his homeland roots. This links to a blog entry about it.

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