Saturday, August 14, 2010

Joe-Joes, The Managerial Chimps

As my former PCL teammate and one-time Yank, Lyn Lary said
Tonight was another awful example.  Yanks down 4-3, going into the 9th, facing one of the very best closers in the game in Joakim Soria.  Jeter has a tough at-bat, battles back from 0-2, and grounds a single through the left side.
So...whattaya do??
You have to have to have to have to have to put on a play.
Run him, hit-and-run, bunt.  Something.  Anything.  I don’t care if his Achilles tendon just fell off, you have to AT LEAST have Jeter hopping up and down at first, trying to take a big lead, etc.  The Grandy Man, your .244 hitter, folks, is up next.  Have to put on a play.
So did he?  Nope. No steal, no bunt, no hit-and-run.  Jeter stuck so close to the bag Soria never even had to throw over.   Granderson got a good whack at the ball, flied out to left.  Teixeira got a second chance after the catcher dropped his foul pop, and struck out...and Jeter never moved.
Then—A-Rod hits a bouncer up the middle.  Perfect ball to score a run—if Jetes had been on second.  But he wasn’t.  Instead, all he could do was race to third (no sign of a leg injury there).  Then Cano grounded out.
It was ludicrous.  Girardi’s basic assumption there was that you were going to get at least three hits off one of the best closers going.  Preposterous.  You have to force the play there.  No way you’re getting three hits.  Hell, for that matter they could have easily walked Cano, and just pitched to Cervelli, who was filling in for Posada by then.  
A gutsy team, betrayed by idiots.  Or as a German officer once said about the English, they are lions led by donkeys.  Hee-haw.

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