Friday, August 06, 2010

The Berkmans: A Closer Look At Love That Lasts

an excerpt from sports pundits
Cara Berkman has been living in Houston her entire life, that is the place where she was born, grew up, got married and would see her leave her beloved Texas, as her husband has been traded to the New York Yankees.
Before becoming Cara Berkman she was known as Cara Baker to Johnny and Carla Baker, her life has been surrounded by sports since she was born. Her father is Johnny Baker, who played with the Oilers, Frank Baker her uncle with the Yankees, her brothers Jacob (Kansas City Royals) and Joshua (Rangers, Brewers). Her maiden name was the the name her husband got when he was introduced to her by her brother Josh while he was at Rice University in Houston, Texas.
Wow, the great Frank "Home Run" Baker finished his tenure with the Yankees with a .288 batting average, 46 home runs and 375 RBIs in 676 games.
That averages out to one home run for every 14.6 games. So, if  the Puma follows suit, he's due to hit one in about 10 games.

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