Monday, August 09, 2010

Alexander and Lance Berkman: Separated At Birth, Part 5

When Alexander Berkman witnessed the cold-blooded slaughter of the sailors of Kronstadt in 1921 it put an end to all his doubts about Bolshevism. His place could not be on the side which ruthlessly killed the pioneers of the Russian Revolution, as did the French bourgeoisie the 35,000 men, women and children of the Paris Commune. His book The Bolshevik Myth renders his inner conflicts in an expressive and striking portrayal. It was a terrible shock to Berkman.
When Lance witnessed the the booing he received from disappointed Yankee fans over his .091 BA he was shocked. On Sunday, August 8th he cranked out 3 hits in the Yanks 7-2 victory over the Bosox.
Those boos soon turned to cheers.

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