Sunday, December 09, 2007

I Want To Rock With You

Above: An old school technology project focused on the landmark churches on the LES. Each of these churches had a commonality, the stone that was used in their construction was quarried from a Mount Pitt that existed by, of all places, Pitt Street. The 5th grade kids and their wonderful teacher, Rafael Guzman, who has since sadly died a few months ago, visited the churches, sketched them as part of an architecture project and learned about their history. Later they wrote about their discoveries on their class computers.
One of the churches they visited was the Church of Sea and Land on Market Street, near Henry. The church was the focal point of one of Berneice Abbott's photos in the late 1930's.
In 1917 the church celebrated its centennial. This article refers to the declining attendance in the late 1800's that led to its conversion from a Dutch Reformed Church to a Presbyterian one.

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