Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And You're Ugly Too

A picture that accompanied an article in the post from November on the failures of the new Leadership Academy Principals, trained at a cost of $146,000 a year. I'm reminded about an old Rodney Dangerfield routine:
Dangerfield would come out from behind the curtain and do five or six minutes of prepared material, then sit on the couch and do several more minutes of jokes thinly disguised as conversation, Carson barely getting a word in except to set up more jokes. He'd ask Dangerfield, "How's your health?" and Dangerfield would do a few minutes of health jokes, always involving his physician, the mythical "Dr. Vinnie Boom Botz," being referred to of late by David Letterman on his own show.

He didn't like it when he visited his doctor one time and was told he was crazy, Dangerfield recalled. "I said, 'Oh yeah? Well I want another opinion.' The doctor says, 'Okay -- you're ugly, too.'

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NYC Educator said...

Loved Rodney. There was no one like him.