Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Recommended Links

It's been a while since I've changed my recommended links. I added three: Some terrific, ballsy stuff on the state of public education in New York from "The Wake Up Call;" good all around, comprehensive, progressive stuff ranking with daily kos, etc from "The News Blog" and finally, "A Penny's Worth," original takes on a wide range of topics from the mad genius Josh Chasin, aka the luckiest guy in the world. Here's a sample of The Wake Up Call's work from 10/26/05, entitled "Dangerous Liaisons:" Michael Bloomberg is likely to be re-elected on a platform of having been the “education mayor.” Educators almost unanimously feel that he has fallen off that platform, and students have been run over by “reforms” that are reforms in name only.__From top down, starting with Chancellor Klein, the Mayor has relied almost exclusively on non-educators to set policy about matters in which they have no expertise, but impose with raw and unmonitored power. They have abolished curriculum and replaced it with a single, mandated teaching style and methodology that has been discredited and despised by almost all educators, except those whose careers tend to prosper and wallets fatten by its advocacy. Here's the rest of the article along with another entitled, "Sniper's Handbook."

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