Sunday, December 25, 2005

Harlem On My Mind: A 4 slide show feature

Last year Isabel wanted resources on the Harlem Renaissance. This was a topic out of the norm for elementary school social studies, it's more middle school. I think her Urban Academy student teacher was doing a project with her kids on it. Before I rounded up a critical mass of material, she was on to something else. Anyway in organizing some of my files I revisited the topic, just in case someone else wants to do it. There's a lot to "mine" (the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture site for one) and It gives me a chance to use my jazz collection. Here's a sampling: This slide show (be patient 5.2MB) features Sid Grossman's late 1930's photos of Harlem from the New Deal Collection at the Library of Congress. Music by Fletcher Henderson. Here's another that features famous people of the Harlem Renaissance. Sound track by Jimmy Lunceford ("Tain't What You Do"). A third slide show features images from Columbia University's Harlem History site. Music, Jumpin at the Woodside-not the original but a great recreation for the film "Swing Kids." A fourth slide show features postcard images of Harlem found on Gotham's York Library. This was combined with James P. Johnson's version of the Charleston. There's a lot of resources from feature films and documentaries as well: A Walk Through Harlem, I Remember Harlem, Murder on Lenox Avenue, Cotton Comes To Halem, etc. Here's a small clip, (but still 6MB) from the American Century Collection.

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