Sunday, December 11, 2005

Film Noir 2

One of the stars of "Where The Sidewalk Ends" was the beautiful Gene Tierney. I remember reading about how JFK was madly in love with her. Doing some internet research led me to discover that Tierney was born in Brooklyn in 1920. Tierney sounded like a possible Windsor Terrace resident. Her dad, Howard, was a pretty well to do insurance agent. Using I found the Tierney's living in Prospect Heights, at 155 St. Marks Avenue. They had a French speaking nurse from Montreal. Gene wasn't listed in the census, she she was born after the census was taken that year on November 19th. In 1930 the family was in a fancy house in Connecticut. The image collage shows the census record, the location via google maps and a glimpse of the beautuiful Tierney.

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