Sunday, December 11, 2005

Guess Who

"Eli Trachtenberg had grown up in the hurly-burly of left-wing debate in New York City where socialism and union theory were constantly discussed. He was skilled in Marxist dialectic yet had a pragmatic attitude toward the Guild's problems." Tractenberg would need all of his considerable powers of persuasion." Guess which one of these award winners gleefully disparages union members behind their backs, consistently lies, brown noses like a dog in heat, negotiates for personal favors, witholds crucial information for selfish reasons and uses the union database to gather dirt on people. Our award winner couldn't understand that this simple, basic C-30 regulation: "The constituent groups on the School Leadership Team shall select their representatives for the Level I Committee," implied some form of democractic selection and not a one man secret flunkie task. Guess some review of inference skills should be required. Poor Eli would roll over in his grave.

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