Monday, July 12, 2010

On Baseball Names

from bardball, by Bob Sheppard
There are certain names that go over well,
Like Pena, Ramos, Carrasquel,
With liquid sounds so panoramic.
And strangely, they all are Hispanic.
Aurelio, Hipolito, Cecilio, Domingo
Have a lovelier sound than American lingo.
What native name could I ever tell so
Musically, as Valdivielso?
And no native name could ever show us
The splendor of Salome Barojas.
from DaveBall
there are certain names that are simply drek
like papelbon, beckett and varitek
while others belong in the garbage bin
like neville and joba chamberlain
but let us not fail to check
the quartet of mariano, andy, jorge and derek
no greater sounds in Yankee lingo
quintet winners of world series' ringos

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