Monday, September 07, 2009

What Would Joe Do #1?

Based on the ultimate man's man Don Draper and the blog, What Would Don Draper Do?
The question was posed to another man's man, Joe.
You see your son trying on a helmet of a dead German soldier given to him by his grandfather. The boy is impressed by stories of the grandpa's WW1 killing escapades but you disapprove and tell him that a living person once occupied that helmet. The grandfather ignores your request that he take the helmet off of the kid. What would you do? Joe's response

I saw Mad Men last night and I was disturbed by the scene where the grandfather usurped the power of Don Draper, a man much too handsome for his own good. Don Draper handled it in typical Don Draper fashion. He calmly got out of his chair, walked into the kitchen and took the German helmet off his son's head, sneering at his father-in-law. Way too cool. If it were me, I'd pull a typical lower east side move with a touch imported from Sicily. I'd grab the World War I German helmet off my poor son's head, stick the sharp point on top of it right into Grandpa's eye and twist until his brain matter dotted the linoleum. Then I'd call my pregnant wife Betz and tell her to promptly clean up the mess and then to please make proper arrangements with the local funeral home. Cremation would be the cheapest and best option.
Then I would eat a double-decker chicken salad sandwich, heavy on the mayo, and split it with my son. A pickle on the side from Guss' on Essex Street wouldn't be a bad idea either. Any questions?

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