Thursday, September 10, 2009

NY Mets' All Stars

Suggested by this email exchange
Loved the Times piece today about how Eddie Kranepool still holds half the Mets’ hitting records: “Who’s the Gehrig of the Mets? Ed Kranepool.”
Now, I love Kranepool—who was, as the article notes, a fellow Yankees fan. But this headline just lends itself to almost infinite ridicule.
Who’s the Rembrandt of the Mets? Leroy Niemann.
Who’s the Mozart of the Mets? Barry Manilow.
Who’s the Lincoln of the Mets? Millard Fillmore...well, you get the picture.
Who is the Marilyn Monroe of the Mets? Phyllis Diller
Who is the Rachel Maddow of the Mets? Sarah Palin

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