Thursday, September 24, 2009

Robby Cano As A Clutch Hitter

Yankee fans argue over the clutch hitting of Robby Cano
Fan K: Just before he grounded out weakly to first to end last night’s game with runners on first and second, they flashed a stat on Cano. His average with runners in scoring position this year is .205. Since May 31st, it’s .171. This may be the worst clutch-hitting performance in the history of baseball.

Fan J: You have to be the king of pessimistic baseball stats in the history of the world. Or just plain pessimistic anything in the history of the world.
Cano's batting .320 and all you can do is bring up something that makes me want to puke. How about all the other times he gets on base (well he is batting .320) and other guys drive him in?
Did you know that Marilyn Monroe had a wart on her ass?
I bet is you had a date with Marilyn, you'd be telling us, "Ah, this Marilyn, she'd kinda cute, but you should see this wart on her ass."

Fan K:And for the record, I would never complain about Marilyn Monroe’s ass. But how is Cano the equivalent of Marilyn Monroe? Cano is maybe Margaret Dumont. On a good day.

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