Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah's Dark Secret

I wonder whether Sarah can still see Russia from her tanning bed
An excerpt from narconews
The story is familiar: a politician emerges, we are told, from humble roots and pledges to restore America’s small town family values and represent the common man and woman. Late last month, the Republican Party offered the United States just such a leader in Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, or so they said. “Mother. Moose hunter. Maverick,” announced the video with which the GOP introduced this candidate so far unknown to the rest of the nation. Governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has a darkening secret in the Alaska Governor’s Mansion.It’s the same Cinderella story line that Democrat John Edwards had hoped to ride to the top: the son-of-a-mill-worker from the Carolinas, embodiment of and friend to the just-plain-folks, with all-American good looks and a postcard perfect family in tow. He was going to be a contender… until the smallest little fact began to claw at his authenticity: that he paid $400+ per haircut to his Hollywood stylist to maintain the shine in his bouncy mop.

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