Friday, September 05, 2008

Helen Forrest: Deep Purple

I just discovered that Helen Forrest, born Helen Fogel, one of the best of the big band singers, lived in Brooklyn as a young girl (more to come). Here she sings with Artie Shaw in the late 1930's
BTW if McCain/Palin wins we are in Deep Doo Doo
about Deep Purple, aka Babe Ruth's favorite song
"Deep Purple" was the biggest hit written by pianist Peter DeRose, who broadcast, 1923 to 1939, with May Singhi as "The Sweethearts of the Air" on the NBC radio network. "Deep Purple" was published in 1933 as a piano composition. The following year, Paul Whiteman had it scored for his suave "big band" orchestra that was "making a lady out of jazz" in Whiteman's phrase. "Deep Purple" became so popular in sheet music sales that Mitchell Parish added lyrics in 1938:
Larry Clinton and His Orchestra recorded the one of the most popular versions of the song. Featuring vocalist Bea Wain, the Clinton version was a huge hit. Released in December 1938 on Victor Records, the Clinton recording was number one on the U.S. popular music charts for nine consecutive weeks in 1939. The next one popular version was made Artie Shaw with vocalist Helen Forrest. The song is a sentimental ballad. The tune was a favorite of Babe Ruth, and Peter DeRose performed the song at Ruth's birthday parties for about a decade. The song remained a traditional pop favourite, recast in 1957 as a doo wop classic by The Dominoes with vocals by Eugene Mumford. Screamin' Jay Hawkins (best remembered for his rendition of "I Put A Spell On You") also released his version of "Deep Purple" on his 1958 album, "At Home with Screamin' Jay."
When the deep purple falls
over sleepy garden walls
and the stars begin to flicker in the sky
thru the mist of a memory
you wander back to me
breathing my name with a sigh.
In the still of the night
once again I hold you tight.
Tho' you're gone your love lives on when moonlight beams
and as long as my heart will beat,
lover, we'll always meet
here in my deep purple dreams.

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