Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yankee Postscript

I still stand my thoughts about Joe Torre. A-Rod batting 8th was an unnecessary cruel blow to an already shattered ego. The SI article could have waited until the season was over. Torre should have been screaming and yelling over the bad call at 3rd base when A-Rod clearly tagged a man out. Lou Piniella-we don't need him. He's horrible also as a color man on Fox. How about these prophetic thoughts about Cory Lidle (pictured above): "After being traded by the Phillies in July 2006 at the trade deadline Lidle called out his former team. "On the days I'm pitching, it's almost a coin flip as to know if the guys behind me are going to be there to play 100 percent." He noted he was joining a Yankees team that expects to win all the time.
"That's why I'm most excited about it," Lidle said. "Sometimes I felt I got caught up kind of going into the clubhouse nonchalantly sometimes, because all of the other guys in the clubhouse didn't go there with one goal in mind."
In response former teammate Arthur Rhodes said, "He is a scab. When he started, he would go 5 1/3 innings and (the bullpen) would have to win the game for him. The only thing Cory Lidle wants to do is fly around in his airplane and gamble. He doesn't have a work ethic. After every start, he didn't run or lift weights. He would sit in the clubhouse and eat ice cream. ... He shouldn't say that, he shouldn't say anything like that because he is a scab. He crossed the line when guys like me, Flash (Tom Gordon) and (Mike) Lieberthal were playing. He is a replacement player." Cory on Torre:"Cory Lidle said Sunday that the Yankees may not have been as prepared as the Tigers for the Division Series, but both Wright and Villone disagreed with their teammate."

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