Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stokking The Salami

Proud and gay Air America radio commentator Rachel Maddow clued me to an article in the Washington Post about the Foley cover-up in the G(Gay)OP. That's Mike Stokkes, one of Hastart's chief staffers
in the same pose that Dennis took a few posts ago (10/10/06). There's nothing wrong with being gay (ala Seinfeld), but there's something about those closeted gays who need to work out their hostility and need to dominate a world that has hurt them. Of course, the same can be said for any despised group that has a need to get revenge on their despisers. Hetrosexual pedophiles also have something in their life histories that have made them angry, sick SOB's seeking revenge. The unfortunate situation arises is when these sickos control our government (as well as a certain NYC school region). Here's Dr. Justin Frank's book about the mind on our president.
Here's an excerpt from the Washington Post article (note Van Dr Meid's arguing about a shade of carpeting): With House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert denying personal knowledge of former representative Mark Foley's activities, investigators for the House ethics committee are bearing down on three senior members of Hastert's staff to determine when they learned of Foley's actions and whether they passed on their knowledge to the speaker.The three -- chief of staff Scott Palmer, deputy chief of staff Mike Stokke and counsel Ted Van Der Meid -- have formed a palace guard around Hastert (R-Ill.) for years, attaining great degrees of power and unusual autonomy to deal with matters of politics, policy and House operations. They are also remarkably close. Palmer and Stokke have been with Hastert for decades. They live together in a Capitol Hill townhouse and commute back to Illinois on weekends. It is that relationship that has made investigators so interested in their knowledge of Foley's contacts with teenage male congressional pages, especially allegations that his chief of staff personally appealed to Palmer in 2003 to confront the Florida Republican.....Van Der Meid is the relative newcomer -- he came to the speaker's office after guiding the ethics committee's probe of then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.). Known by some as the mayor of the House, Van Der Meid has the institutional knowledge of the chamber's customs. He handles legal matters but has been known to intervene angrily on a shade of carpet or which paintings to hang on the Capitol's walls.

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