Tuesday, October 24, 2006

El Criollito

It's been a while for our regular Friday group to assemble for the Sounds of Sojourner. During my M-W absence a celebratory luncheon was planned for Edwin at his aunt's restaurant and we got to take our show on the road. Jody and Edwin did the picture taking for this slide show (a bigger file 8.2MB, than the usual, be patient), which includes a shot of Edwin's aunt preparing the food, an ex church friend of Mrs. Wilson enjoying her meal, my delicious "mofungo" and the obligatory baseball trophy. I emailed Edwin and Jody a template for a restautant review that they will complete later for all you literacy buffs. There will also be a scan of the menu and more audio footage. We had to get back to school so we didn't have time for an interview with the chef/owner. Maybe another time. BTW the terms derived from the word criollo (and thus the meaning of the restaurant's name), according to a wikipedia source are the following:
▪ Criollada, a deed typical of a traditional Argentine; also a collective noun for the criollo masses, as distinct from the gringada, the generality of persons of gringo origin.
▪ Criollita, a simple saltine cream cracker, in Argentina.
▪ Criollito, Spanish diminutive, a term of enderament for a typical, all-Argentine (or Uruguayan) boy or young man.
▪ Criollazo, a Spanish augmentative, meaning a real, authentic criollo. Term of endearment for a patriarchal figure.

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