Monday, May 08, 2006

The N Word, A Therapeutic Community and Small Victory #2

Last week I couldn't work with some 5th grade boys because I was told Mos Def was in the school to do a poetry workshop with them. Now I'm not a totally lame 58 year old white guy. I do know who Mos Def is, not so much because I enjoy rap music, but because I'm somewhat aware of what's going on (I have a soon to be 15 year old) and I saw and enjoyed Mos Def in that great movie "Lackawanna Blues." However, the fellow in question was not Mos Def, but Mo Beasley. I asked Mo if I could podcast his session and he loved the idea. Instead of me or a kid holding the mp3 recorder near him I had Mo strap it around his neck.The sound quality was more than adequate. I was then free to take some candid shots of the kids listening. Here's the result. There was also a thoughtful follow up discussion on the N word.

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