Monday, July 02, 2012

DeWayne's Wise And It's Too Close For DiMuro's Comfort

 The story behind an updated version of the great classic
DiMuro may have also blown a call earlier in the same day

DeWayne's Wise,  DeWayne's  smart,  DeWayne plays with heart,
He plays his part when the game gets close
DeWayne goes aloft, he doesn't miss a beat and he can be discreet
He can reach the seats, and let us win with comfort

Too close, too close for DiMuro's comfort, please and once again
Too close, too close and DiMuro blew it again
DiMauro's firm,  but not fair,  DeWayne's sure, beware
Fans on guard, take care, while there's such temptation

One thing leads to another
Too late for him to cover
DiMuro wasn't too close for comfort wow

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