Saturday, October 31, 2009

Exclusive Interview With George Steinbrenner

Steve Serby of the nypost had an exclusive interview with the Boss yesterday. I think some of the answers may have been a little embellished by his publicist Howard Rubinstein.
Q: The players want to win the Yankees’ 27th world championship for you — how does that make you feel?
A: It’s a nice sentiment, and I appreciate it. But as far as I’m concerned, we always want to win it for the fans. If we win it, I’ll dedicate it to them. And that’s the main motivation I want for our entire organization.
Q: How badly do you burn to win that 27th championship?
A: It’s a fire that’s always there, and it burns hotter the closer you get. I know our fans are consumed with it and that makes me want even more.
Q: If you were to give these Yankees a pregame pep talk — what would you tell them?
A: You had a great year, now finish like Yankees. Think of those 50,000 people in the stands and everybody watching on TV. They are the most loyal and dedicated
fans in sports. We built you guys a beautiful new stadium. We are counting on you to break it in the right way — by making it the home of the 2009 world champions. It’s a long off season, so leave it all on the field and give it your best.

If I could ask a few, this is how I imagine it would go
Q: Who are you supporting for mayor
A: Even though Thompson can be bought, that little twerp, Bloomberg, will give anything to just hang out in the locker room.
Q: Do you fool around with interns like Letterman?
A: I would if I could but at my age I'm lucky if I can find it when I pee.
Q: Who was the hottest babe of any athlete you ever saw? Was it Marilyn Monroe
A: No, Vikki LaMotta
Q: Why has Brian Cashman lasted as long as your GM?
A: I know I can always depend on Brian to do anything I ask, including changing my depends.
Q: In your lifetime who has been the biggest a-hole you've met in sports? Mike Lupica?
A: No, Tim McCarver

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