Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Star Brooklyn Brown Noser Steps Up To The Plate

from the mayor's press release
I truly believe this Mayor’s innovative approach and superb management style have placed him in the realm of what sports fans call ‘one of the greats,’” said Mr. Markowitz. “Regarding Brooklyn’s future, the Mayor and I are working together on many projects -- from the development of Downtown Brooklyn, to the revitalization of our waterfront, to the creation of a stunning Brooklyn Bridge Park, to progress on the Coney Island Plan, to building and preserving affordable housing, to keeping our environment sustainable and to transforming education in this city. As a lifelong Democrat and Brooklynite, I am proud today to give my endorsement to a man whose ideas, vision, skill and dedication are truly befitting of both our city’s grand history and its bright future -- Mike Bloomberg.”

Marty is uniquely suited for this task. Being shorter than the mayor he can really burrow in

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