Friday, March 21, 2008

Maher Hardballs McCain And O'Reilly

from crooksandliars 3/19/08
Bill Maher appeared on “Hardball” Wednesday to talk about the 2008 presidential race and delivered a gem about John McCain and his “mental problem” regarding Iraq. He also gave a stellar response to the Wright controversy and whether or not Obama was able to win over the blue-collar crowd.
“We are one terrorist attack away from John McCain…rising in the polls by ten points, because people think, ‘oh, yeah, he is tougher.’ He is not tougher about the war — he’s dumber about the war. He’s dumb about the war because he thinks by keeping troops in the heart of the Muslim world that’s going to help the war on terror. That’s exactly what started the war on terror. That’s why bin Laden was so angry at the us because we had troops in Saudi Arabia. We pulled them out after 9/11, by the way. Of course, we go right back in and plant them in the heart of the Muslim world and build Pizza Huts. That is why young Muslim men want to come here and blow themselves up and kill us. It is not about what happens in Iraq; we need to get out of Iraq — not build bases there.”

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