Saturday, March 22, 2008

Flip Video: Man On The Street

what the speaker is referring to is this review in the nytimes, an excerpt:
Camcorder Brings Zen to the Shoot
Well, this is a little embarrassing. One of the most significant electronics products of the year slipped into the market, became a mega-hit, changed its industry -- and I haven't reviewed it yet.
Lately, my guilt has deepened every time someone whips this thing out to show off. "Look what my first grader did with it all by herself," one guy told me. "We're using them in schools to teach narrative structure," said a teacher at a conference. "I bought two of 'em: one for my 80-year-old grandmother," said a neighbor, "and one for my 5-year-old."
O.K., wait -- what?
It's the Flip: a tiny, stripped-down video recorder the size of a digital camera (but you hold it vertically). And in the year since its invention, it has taken 13 percent of the camcorder market, according to its maker, Pure Digital. The latest model, called the Flip Ultra, had its debut six months ago with slightly improved video quality, greater capacity, a tripod mount and better looks (available in white, black, orange, pink and green). It's been the best-selling camcorder on since the day of its debut.
Now, understanding the appeal of this machine will require you not just to open your mind, but to practically empty it. Because on paper, the Flip looks like a cheesy toy that no self-respecting geek would fool with, let alone a technology columnist.

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Badgolfer1974 said...

Hey, Norman here. I've been meaning to get a simple video camera (I love the mac precisely because I can't deal with all the complexities of a PC), so I immediately thought of the Flip Video. How is it's resolution? You looks (relatively) clear on the screen, but what about in larger format? Thanks and hope to see you soon.