Saturday, March 01, 2008

Google Maps: Fats Waller

from My Queen's Jazz Trail
A description: Homes of Jazz Greats and other notables in Queens,NY. With an assist from
Ephemera Press' great maps, the Central Queens Historical Association and Bonus treat (those with red pins): hear a few bars of the music of these jazz greats or some video (yellow pins) Bonus also some panoramic movies (yellow movie icon)
my last unofficial post before the end of Black History Month on Every Month Is Black History Month
I made almost 350 posts alone in February, an exceptional "Obsessive Compulsive"
accomplishment and I can tell via the site meter that schools nation wide made great use of it. There's still a backlog of about 50 entries I didn't get in under the wire, but I'll add more a little less compulsively.

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