Monday, June 18, 2012

Is Reggie Jackson A Member Of The Tribe?

Looks like he recently took Ike Davis to school, or maybe shule. The results have been great. Since their June 10th meeting, Ike has hit over .400 with 2HR's and 9 RBI's. from espn
Ike Davis said he received advice from Reggie Jackson on Friday, although manager Terry Collins noted listening to too many voices can further mess up a player. Davis' father Ron played for the Yankees. "I went to Old-Timers' games at old Yankee Stadium," Davis said. "And I got to meet Reggie a couple of times. And then in high school we had a workout with the Dodgers before the draft. And Reggie was there and I got to talk to him then. It's really the first time I got to see him since then. It's really cool that he recognized me. Obviously he's Reggie Jackson. We both went to ASU [Arizona State]. He's amazing. So it's great to talk to a guy like that." As for the nature of Jackson's advice, Davis said: "We talked about hitting -- just to slow it down a little bit. He gave me good advice. Nothing with swing mechanics or anything. It's just that you have to make contact and let the ball go out of the yard, not try to hit the ball out of the yard. It was good stuff."

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