Thursday, April 05, 2007

Strange Things Are Happening

Red Buttons (Aaron Chwatt) died last year at 87. He went to PS63 on East 3rd Street. He lived on East 3rd, between B and C. The building is no longer there. Below is the 1920 census for the Chwatt family
When Red had his own tv show in the mid fifties he had a line from a routine he did that was very popular, "Strange Things Are Happening." Around a month ago I lost my cell phone near CCNY on 138th Street and a good samiratan (Jose) found it and I got it back. I gave him a reward, which he said was unnecessary ("I did it for the good karma," he said) Yesterday, while walking to the subway from Costco near Bush Terminal in Brooklyn I spotted a cell phone on the street. I called the number and got a Spanish guy who worked in a furniture store in Sunset Park. He said, "Get a cab and I'll pay for it and bring it to the store." Being a "Jew" even with someone else's money I resisted hailing a yellow cab and walked instead to 4th Avenue to get a cheaper car service.. The fair was supposed to be $6 for the .75 mile ride. When we pulled up to the store, Pedro was outside and he gratefully handed me a $20 and said take the cab to get you back. I turned around and handed it to the driver and had him drive me home which was about another 2 miles away. Everyone was happy. Hopefully I'll get some good karma since I had my car in the shop after discovering I had forgotten to get it inspected last month and I had just found out that unexpectedly I owed a lot of money, plus interest to the IRS.

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