Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Way To Get Special Access

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Could the above have led to the following? Can't be, but anything's possible.
An excerpt from the daily news' best reporter, Juan Gonzalez
Schools Chancellor Joel Klein often lauds a small group of Harlem charter schools founded by former City Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz.
But few New Yorkers are aware of the access Moskowitz has to the chancellor or the special support he has bestowed on her program, whose four schools enroll just 1,300 of the city's more than 1 million public school students.
Since Moskowitz launched her first Harlem Success Academy in August 2006, Klein has attended at least 13 events for her schools, including several fund-raisers and private meetings with her, 125 e-mails between them show.
The e-mails, obtained by the Daily News under a Freedom of Information request, provide a glimpse into the close relationship - one that would make most principals green with envy.
They show that in addition to Klein's visits, Moskowitz:
- Secured the chancellor's help last year in landing a $1 million donation from a private Los Angeles foundation.
- Got Klein to intervene on her behalf in clashes she had with his subordinates.
- Boasted to him of organizing parent "armies" to advocate for Mayor Bloomberg's educational policies - and of flooding politicians with thousands of pro-charter school postcards.
The News requested e-mails pertaining to the efforts of Harlem Success to get more space in school buildings. The space issue is contentious in many city neighborhoods, and Moskowitz may be the best-known advocate of more public space for charters.
The e-mails clearly show Moskowitz had Klein's ear on the issue, even complaining to him about his aides.

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