Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Seder Sidekicks

ednotesonline shares his correspondence with a high placed nyc school supervisor re the troubling relationship that the newly appointed board regents, Merryl Tisch, has with Joel Klein
I am fascinated by the detail of your research and reporting! I feel fortunate to have you "in the trenches" reporting on everything- as I find many of your opinions right on target. I am only sorry that I am not retired so I could enjoy my freedom of speech – and perhaps write more and share opinions.
I was deeply troubled by the NY Times' very flattering piece on Meryl Tisch.
Though she seems like a nice lady and I have only seen her speak once, she is in the Mayor's pocket- she once was quoted as saying "I absolutely will support Mayoral Control as long as MICHAEL is going to be in charge". Then article talks of how she has shared several Seder suppers with Joel Klein and how she and her husband go on dinner dates with JOEL and his wife".
That would be like me as an accountant sharing Christmas dinner with my auditor every year.
The entire article is full of her connections to the wealth of a very limited number of people mostly very folks from the upper east side.. Seymour Fliegel is mentioned praising her-didn't he get a contract from JOEL to run the CIE PSO??? There is too much here that does not pass the smell test.

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