Thursday, February 14, 2008

South Of The Border Valentine

I just managed to post this before midnight of Valentines Day. I just returned from reading some more of the barbs thrown at the fair maiden Eduwonkette. This time it's not from Eduwonk, but from Charles Barone, a former staffer with the House Education and Labor Committee and a longtime aide to Rep. George Miller, Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee and one of the architects of NCLB.
He's complaining that:
Note that you never seen the law quoted on this blog. Not much data either, despite the social science heading. Only hyberbolic impressions.
...Which brings me to Eduwonkette and all the commenters on this post, and almost every commenter on your whole site. We have no idea who they are, who funds them, what stake they have in any particular fight, politically, financially, or otherwise.

I don't know, there's more data on Edwuwonkette's site than the elephantesque data dump that the Aris computer took this fall. As for transparency, doesn't he realize that Eduwonkette is Zorro? Maybe a south of the border Valentine's Dance will remind him.

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